How do you properly land in this simulator?

Hello, I’ve checked all the tutorials and nothing seems to have helped me with my landings. I know how to take off, cruise and decent but when it comes down to setting my first flap down for approach I just completely fail. Either my speed is too fast where the plane won’t decent or it’s if it’s too slow I will stall. I need help. I am willing to video chat someone for money to help me with this. Thank you.

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What aircraft would you like help with landing? Most aircraft are very different by landing standards

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Hi luca,
No need for money at all, we are absolutly willing to help you. I know you have said that you have checked all the tutorials, but just to make sure, have you checked the video tutorials on the Infinite Flight Youtube? They have them for many aircraft, but I would suggest starting with the TBM as it is probably the easiest to learn and fly.


if you check out the Tutorials for the A-10, TBM and DC-10, they all have avery good landing tutorial.

good luck

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Yes I’ve seen all the tutorials but nothing seems to help. I’ve even checked the YouTube channel. I tried even practicing the final approach and my speed would be at 140knts with the 787 and the plane wouldn’t decent it would fly up. I don’t know why.

The 767 and 787 are my favorite so I would want help with that.

@luca_delchop1 i understand your trouble. when i first joined this game i was disastrous at landing, nose slam, falling short, sometimes even on taxiway. crosswind was out of imagination for me. it took me over 6months and over 300 landings (many in solo is seperate) to perfect my landing. that also needs lot of work. as you know in aviation. Flying is the 2nd most adventures thing you can do. 1st is landing.
so i would recommend practice practice and practice you’ll have lot of failed one. but learn something on every touch down. thats the way to go. :) pattern work on solo is the best way to start. i learned a lot from there. watching replays really help.
Nikhil Goenka


How did you get so good? How do u properly make ur landing could u step by step it.

I can help you out with the 787 i fly that alot!

I keep mine in autopilot until final and then disengage it to fly final. Just make sure the FPV (Flight Path Vector) or the little circle when in cockpit mode is between the piano keys on the runway. It sounds a lot easier than it really is but with continued practice you’ll get the hang of it. I recommend going into a short final in solo mode and just keep landing over and over again

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Did you check trim on the controls? Maybe that will help.

I will give a basic way to land that should satisfy you until you get to the better servers. I had this same problem a while back. What I will tell you to make sure you are doing is not getting violations as those will destroy your grade for years as they did with mine. so to prevent that just make sure you aren’t going above 250 knots under 10,000 feet. to prevent this, put down your flight spoilers as they will slow you down when descending. Also, put down flaps. Keep the plane in autopilot until final. Before taking off autopilot calibrate the controls when your phone is level and stable. Then just remember to relax your hands and arms a bit it helps DRAMATICALLY. make sure gear and flaps are down and then take your spoilers from flight to armed so that when you touch down they deploy slowing you down, for a 787 I would recommend you keep it at 170-150 knots on final. Remember to just relax and make sure you arent overspeeding as that will hinder your ability to climb in the grading system as it did with me.

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a lot of it is practice practice practice

When I am learning a newc plane, or even if not flown one for a while, i will go on to solo mode and start from a short final. This will put you at the right speed, altitutde and flao settings for that specific aircraft then I practice landing, also I keep the Landing Aids on as well so that I can fly the right glidescope. Once I have the hang of landing that aircraft then I go back onto the live servers and fly it for real!


Perfect. Could you give me your snap or number so we could talk or if it’s that too private I understand. It would be a great help for me.

What about your flaps?

If you, want help with your landing go to to solo mode any runway and you will see like a gate a small dot say the runway name just spawn there and keep trying to land it is actually approach and for your speed place make sure you don’t use autopilot cause even if your Vs goes positive the auto pilot will automatically change the power causing the plane to ascend also use appreciate and look at how it controls the plane once or twice the. Switch it off and try it yourself

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You change your flaps each time you look to slow down

Yeah just text would be fine no problem

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But usually at 150-170 knots the plane won’t decent. In fact on final it usually increases altitude for me. So I don’t know why.

Are you able to maybe post a video of you attempting to land? It could help us identify the problem and we could give some tips on your landings.