How do you properly do long haul flights?

This is not useful at all. I have tried 18:54h of continuous flight time and never had my device lock itself.

If you ever see your screen black during flight. It means your app has crashed and your device has locked itself. Please avoid posting incorrect information.

And btw, Auto-Lock is available on Android as well.


how do i turn off auto lock or smthn like that?

You do not need to - I am not sure why Ahmad is telling people you need to. It does nothing as IF prevents auto-lock anyway

I have a solution for OVERHEATING

Turn down your graphics settings to LOW when at cruise altitude put on LIMIT FRAME RATE and leave anti aliasing on.

Hope this helps

If you wish to control the Internet traffic of other apps in your device like Messenger, you can further reduce your CPU load which increases your experience to a better level.

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Thanks! How do I do that though?

I will send you a message, because I don’t wanna speak about all that here in the topic. There are many tutorial videos in the Internet out there too, if you wanna check them out.

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