How do you properly do long haul flights?

Yes, SimBrief is online and completely free.

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Not necessary, Ahmad.


It was an app crash then.


If you have Samsung device your phone should have an app called game launcher it’s an inbuilt app

in that u will see a button of game tool just put that on and launch IF then u will see an icon see top leftclick on it and see the various options likestart a flight put it on AP and NAV the tap the following buttons from Game tool
1.lock recent and back keys - it reduces the chances of getting pressed accidentally
2.screen touch lock - this will turn the main display off but the IF will still run in background
3. No alerts during game - this will minimise the calls and texts and focus only on game to reduce the app crash but will show a small Pop-up a small box
This will be very useful for long hauls I’ve done a long haul flight with this 15H 39M


how do I disable the device autolook and what is that?

What’s your device? If should be in settings-display-auto lock but that’s for iOS. It shouldn’t be needed anyway.
Auto lock is where if you don’t use your device for a specified time, it will turn off automatically.

Like everyone said, it shouldn’t be hard. I suggest that you try basing it off of a real world route, so that you know how long the route will take. Also, only go to bed once the plane is in cruise. Make sure that you have your device plugged in, and enable automatic low power mode in the settings. This will also disable auto-lock, so you don’t need to disable it in the settings. At least with iOS. Then, you’re ready! But, once your at cruise and about to go to bed, check the ETE. Then, set an alarm about an hour or 2 before that ETE, so that you know that you will wake up at the right time. The reason you should only do 2 hours is because you should slow down the plane during TOD, and your ETE will increase. Also, look at the real-world cruise speeds and altitudes. Make sure that you keep that speed with autopilot so that you don’t break any rules.
Happy landings! Yea, I know, it’s kinda cheesy. But, hey!

I did kinda just repeat what everyone else said, but I wanted to give my own opinion.

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If you had Automatic Low Power mode on, it doesn’t turn off.
It could have been the game crashing.

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Well I simulate zenfone 3 I always do long routes, this week fis from Brazil to the United States, Sbsp to kmia, kmia to klax and klax to sbrj I put in nav mode at 35 thousand feet I did not have any problem

Great call talking about step climb. 👍 It’s just not talked about much here.

To many people just take off and climb to FL400 with N1 at 109%. And because they’re so heavy, and the thin air, the N1% is pegged the entire flight. You burn to much fuel as well. Plus you’re actually slower! And it’s completely unrealistic.

You should climb to say FL310-FL330 and hum along at N1-80%. Then in a few hours climb up to your final flight level once you’ve burned fuel/shed weight. You’ll notice you can cruise that high with a lower N1% and faster GS once the plane is lighter. Each plane is different. And it depends on weight. It’s also why guys say their plane was stalling at high altitudes. There’s no magical chart. You have to figure it out on your own. But as a test load up the plane and fly from LAX-JFK. Take off and climb to FL310. Set your speed about 500kts GS. Take a look at your N1%, fuel consumption, and everything else. Make a mental note. Now climb up to FL390 using VS1000-1500. You’ll notice once you get to FL390 your GS is slower then 500, your N1 is pegged and you’re burning a ton of fuel. Lower back down to FL310. Just hang out there for a couple hours. Once you’ve shed some fuel weight, then do your climb back up to FL390. Now that the plane is lighter you’ll notice a faster GS, your N1 will be 80%, you’ll be saving a lot of fuel.

You’ll have to play around with it. I’m just tossing or generic numbers. But ste climbing is how it’s done in real life. Enjoy.


This really isn’t necessary at all. The phone will not turn off unless the game crashes. Disabling auto-lock (what you’re suggesting) does nothing beneficial and can have negative side effect.


This is not useful at all. I have tried 18:54h of continuous flight time and never had my device lock itself.

If you ever see your screen black during flight. It means your app has crashed and your device has locked itself. Please avoid posting incorrect information.

And btw, Auto-Lock is available on Android as well.


how do i turn off auto lock or smthn like that?

You do not need to - I am not sure why Ahmad is telling people you need to. It does nothing as IF prevents auto-lock anyway

I have a solution for OVERHEATING

Turn down your graphics settings to LOW when at cruise altitude put on LIMIT FRAME RATE and leave anti aliasing on.

Hope this helps

If you wish to control the Internet traffic of other apps in your device like Messenger, you can further reduce your CPU load which increases your experience to a better level.

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Thanks! How do I do that though?

I will send you a message, because I don’t wanna speak about all that here in the topic. There are many tutorial videos in the Internet out there too, if you wanna check them out.

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