How do you prepare for the IFATC theory test?

Hello everyone, I need help to prepare for the theoretical exam of ATC IF that websites recommend me? How have you done it? :)
I do not know whether to put this in general or ATC
appreciated comments
And I’ve spent all the ATC tutorials.
* If someone says that I join the ATC slack group, I am already in the group

this can also be used for people like studying or preparing for the exam :)


thank you trio for the correction

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Watch and review all of the ATC tutorials on YouTube helped me tremendously with my IFATC practical and test!


Preparing for the practical means that you have passed the written and you will now have to deal with 4-5 aircrafts remaining in the pattern. It’s not a big deal trust me. You just need to stay calm and concentrated. What I would recommend is to build an ATC Tracking Thread so you can test you sequencing, pattern entries and so forth… If you still think you need more assistance, you are more than allowed to contact one of the ATC trainers in order to plan some training sessions together that will help you increase your level of experience.

From personal experience, what I have done to prepare was to re-read all the tutorials that can be found within the community as well as the ones that are uploaded in the Infinite Flight YouTube Channel. Make sure to open up frequencies at some non-busy airports and ask the community to provide feedback for you (by macking a Tracking Thread).

I wish you best of luck with your practical and try to stay calm as much as you can. Being anxious may only have negative consequences (such as giving wrong pattern entries, example: left base when the ac in on right).



If you’ve already watched all the ATC tutorials, then don’t worry; just remember what the videos have told you, and you’ll do great!

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thanks for the help, I already have a follow-up thread (but I’m not active because I do not have the subscription))
I was referring to the theoretical exam, I already did the theoretical exam and I suspended it because they asked things like: klm 1456 ready to take off for 25L, AA 4572 is in the short end of track 25L and they ask me: in this case the controller that should do…
As this question comes out in the theoretical exam
and it’s this kind of questions that I doubt …

This is a great video to watch.


Just a tip for the test, have a piece of paper and a pencil ready. It was by far the most useful suggestion I received.

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One of the biggest things I see people getting tripped up on is applying the rules outside the context of a situation. When taking the written, you can’t allow “oh, I saw XX do this” influence the parameters of the scenario given to you. Apply your theoretical knowledge to the boundaries of what the question is asking- no more, no less.


During the test take your time, yes you can’t spend an eternity but don’t rush otherwise you will misread the question and get confused and that’s easily done with complex questions such as those on the test. Perhaps when reading each question sketch the runway and the aircraft in the pattern to help you understand more aswell if you prefer things in a visual form and have a basic traffic pattern diagram to refer to. If you fail it then no worries as you will know what to expect, it doesn’t matter how many tries it takes just that you make it in the end. Good luck.


Sketching is huge! When I took mine, I remember I sat down and read every word out loud. Drawing the situation might seem like a time waster, but it isn’t and it will ensure that you don’t make silly mistakes.


ok guys, thank you very much for the help, maybe in the Christmas holidays I will be ready hahaha

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