How Do You “Preflight” Before Your Flight

What do you do you do to preflight your aircraft before your flight in IF?


Fill out you flight plane and go into setting and turn off start with engines on i don’t know what that is actually called but it is close to that then you can go and turn the lights on and engines just like a preflight checklist

I’m kinda referencing the topic on how long it takes to preflight because some people said it took them over 30 mins and I want to know preflight procedures that would take that amount of time

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Yeah it just depends how on how accurate you want to be

start all my third party apps

flip master switch and turn NAV lights on

use to find flight plan with SIDs and STARs

file flight plan in IF one waypoint at a time (I don’t just copy and paste most of the time)

calculate and add fuel, pax, cargo, etc.

listen to ATIS whilst turning beacons on

contact ground for pushback

pushback, taxi to runway

takeoff of runway


extreme butter at destination

That’s my procedure. It can take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes, depending on the length of the flight plan and if I’m in a rush. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!


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It can be anything from planning hours ahead of time to just flying immediately. I plan my flights according to weather and airways, which also includes fuel planning, boarding/cargo if you wanna imagine that.

How long does it take? I’ve already said above. Can be hours to like a minute.

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Thanks for the help!!


The only ammendedmnet to @anon38496261 procedures, is that I produce my flight plan in fpltoif before I spawn in. I try and minimise the number of times that I “pause” to change the weight balance or update the FPL on my third party apps as each time it makes you spawn in / out and you could end up with someone spawning in to the same gate whilst you are out amending something.

Sometimes I include a virtual walk around before I push back as well to add to the realism but generally find I am ready to push back about 5 mins after first spawning in.

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I have a simple Preflight procedure.

“Don’t care if we’re not ready, we’re going anyways”


do you only do short hauls?

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I do that even in long hauls, it takes a few but the realism worth it

Kick the tyres light the fires

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I typically do short to medium hauls, but even on the occasional long haul, I’ll do that.

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there is an app on ios called if checklists and it has all the aircraft with checklist for each a/c with headings of takeoff,landing checklists etc.