How do you post a video?

Hi guys I have tried looking it up but don’t understand how to post video can you help me ? Thank you regards Barrie

You can’t directly upload a video, but you can paste a YouTube link and it will show as a video.

Thank you again for the correction Carson it’s good to see you have every body’s back . I’m not to good with the copy paste thing I have a few good pieces of video footage of flight stuff. so am I right in saying I have to download it to YouTube first then link it to here ?

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Yes, that would work.

That’s a bummer I don’t have a YouTube account is that the only way ?

I believe so:(

If you have a google account, log in to youtube with it.

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Ah well it’s cool I’ll look into a you tube account .Carson you have been an amazing help tonight you are a pillar to IF keep it up ( becouse my spelling ,punctuation, and general English is rubbish ) an I’ll need to call on you lol thanks very much

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Thanks Sturmovik but I don’t have one of those either .ill look into that also I’m not so good with computers in general but I’ll try harder Need to now becouse I love this if sim and the site

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