How do you play multiplayer

hi, sorry to be a pain, but is this the website or must i download something to my pc?

wait, what website you talking about? i thought you were talking about live for infinite flight

must i buy the app off itunes?

yes you buy infinite flight off the app store, to buy live your first have to have infinite flight installed then you would go to the main menu and click the live button below solo and purchase a subscription from there :)

can i do this on my pc or must i use an ipad?

infinite flight is not available on pc yet

now i finally understand, many thanks for your advice, kind regards from ireland

Bald Eagles and Freedom from Merica

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Freedom as a registered trademark?

Where do you buy multiplayer for kindle

My guess if you buy infinite flight first then when you are in the main menu there will be a solo and live tab. Tap the live tab and follow the prompts to get a live subscription. Is this right? @DIsraelFDS

I click on it and it says to go to infinite and I do but I can’t find it

I click on it but it tells me to go to infinite so I do but I can’t find the subscription

Is it possible to get live free

No lol, it’s not

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