How do you play multiplayer

I really want to because solo there are no other planes than you and no act please answer

You have to purchase a live subscription first. Either the $4.99 per month one or the $49.99 one per year. After your purchase has been completed you can then press the live button below the solo button on the main menu. From there you have a choice of pilot or atc. As pilot you have access to all three servers(free flight, atc playground, and advanced atc). As atc you can only access the atc playground server. To get access to the advanced atc server you have to take a test.


Thank you so much

No problem, if you need any other help feel free to message me! :)

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How I am new on this

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Sorry if that’s a stupid question

No question is a stupid question in my opinion! :)


I’m confused there all grey

Did you click on the picture of me next to my comment? The message icon should appear in the top right.

Still confused but thanks try to send me one

I sent you one :)

The main point is you’ll be able to use all Aircraft and all regions, if you purchase Live. @Jonathan2

I wouldnt recomend live plus. Because most regions no one uses the only one people use is Southern California

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Yes only Southern California busy all the time but when events take place in other regions, you’ll be feeling left out.

Advanced controller try to not only open So-Cal, where advanced controllers open, that’s where people go :)

There is always at least 40 or 30 people in the socal region i wouldnt even know about an event going on and i dont like events unless its a contest

I only fly Seattle and pretty much only the 737s, and for me the annual subscription is still worth it.

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hi, where do you buy the subscripition, from what web site? thanks

you buy it from the live button that is under the solo button on the main menu