How do you planespot

I have been seeing people plane spot on solo. But how do they see the live aircraft.


Unfortunately this isn’t possible, you can only plane spot in live ;)

You can do this by going into the atc-controlled airport and adding your username as “PLANESPOTTING”and I’m sure IFATC will understand.

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I am just saying this because of this post and it said solo Frontier Spotting @ DIA!

My guess is that they either messed up the server name, or they flew a bunch of different Frontier planes on solo and took pictures in the replay.


Lol that was me just “plane spotting”
I’ve done it before on IF solo (is that allowed? 😂)

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Of course!

That’s when I’m bored of the routes I’ve flown and decide to “plane spot”

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Maybe try the ATC Cam. :)

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