How do you plan step climbs on a Long Haul flight while you are sleeping or busy?

Question shown on title.

A quick search can go a long way…

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I usually make sure I start my flights around 2/3 hours before I actually sleep, through this I’ll step climb to a stable altitude, and depending on how long the flight is, I’ll set alarms to wake me up and have a quick look at my flight.


I did search up on that tutorial, but I am asking how to stepclimb without having to wake up at the middle of the night.

You can use IF assistant. Preprogram step climbs.


V/S does it for you, just not step climbing. I advise starting a flight early enough to be able to get to cruising altitude, and get yourself set up to allow Autopilot to do the work for you until you need to begin descent.

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