How do you plan flights with Simbrief?

Hello everyone I want to use simbrief to plan my flights (many people use it) but idk how is there any way someone can help? this is a dumb question is it free

I usually use, a website that converts a simbrief FPL for Infinite Flight. Once you go to the website, choose Simbrief, enter the information such as Aircraft, Destination, and Origin, and the site will use Simbrief to make an FPL.

Is it free?

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Yes, I believe so. At least, I have used it many times and never paid. You might need a simbrief account though

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Really because I don’t have a account for simbrief

I think you need a simbrief account to use the Simbrief–>IF feature of

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Creating a simbrief account is free?

Yes it’s all free.

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It’s all free, and I believe fpltoif is a bit easier to use, but not quite as detailed. It just depends on the type of experience you’re looking for. However fpl does in fact use simbrief to check and convert it’s flight plans, so you’ll have to have an account for both.


so for the Basics in Simbrief you have to create an account.

After that you have to navigate to the dispatch tap > dispatch System > new flight

In this ‘program’ i usually type in Departing/Arriving ICAO and my aircraft type.
Then i check the Runways/Route and the fuel (upper right) and after that i click the button ‘generate OFP’ (upper left)
Then u will get your OFP Summary and u can check all ur data.
And of cource type in your Route in IF or copy it ;)


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