How do you Pick Liveries and Aircraft?

What goes through your mind when picking a livery and Aircraft? Usually I use realistic liveries for the region.


Exactly this passes through my mind 😂


If I am flying VA routes I fly the livery the VA uses and the assigned plane for the route.

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I try to be realistic to a certain extent. I usually fly airline liveries if the region I’m flying in is in the US. If the region isn’t in the US, I usually fly corporate.

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Typically realistic liveries for the region, but I usually fly my VA livery, except for events such as the JetBlue one today.

Call of my heart!!

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Liveries that I really like and/or I can never see in person. And yes for realistic purposes also. Air India is one of my favorites but we don’t have a realistic route but still one of my favorites.


I use either my favourite liveries, or region specific.

Just use this tool: If you’re flying a LuxAir Q-400 anywhere in the U.S., you might have mistaken the wrong region.

My catagore

  1. Is it a Cessna 172
    Yes…Crash it

  2. Is it an milatry one apart for F-18
    No…continue on

  3. Does it match the region
    Yes…nearly there

  4. Is it normal to take off and land at the airport/s I am flying in and out of?
    No…SWLECTED…and carshed

I usually fly the A321 as it has good physics and graphics. Liveries I usually decide by what looks nice or what I haven’t flown before. And for my VA I fly generic.

Relatively realistic, but to some extent.
Vietnam Airlines 787 in Singapore. WSSS is relatively close to Vietnam, so that’s ok.
Or maybe Kenya Airlines in London, as they fly there IRL

Something that makes sense. As much as I love flying SA it doesn’t really make sense for the SA Dash to be in Hawaii :-)

Usually that, or if I can’t find that, just one of them that I like.

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Realistic liveries for the regions, but i also fly some of those liveries that i rarely see.

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I just usually plan ahead or quickly think of what plane

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I just pick a plane and fly. Sometimes it’s coincidental that I fly Thomas Cook in London or Alaska Airlines in Seattle. I just feel that if I only fly region-specific liveries that there are other beautiful liveries I’m not flying. So it doesn’t matter what region I’m in, I’ll fly Hawaiian in NY.

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Hawaiian in NY is not that unrealistic. They fly there IRL and they are a US airline

Livery must be one that would exist in that region and aircraft must be one that is capable of using the airports I’m flying in and out of.

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I usually choose depending the region or I choose one of my favorite airlines!