How do you perform a vertical takeoff in a 787?

I have seen videos in infinite flight of a 787 doing a vertical takeoff but every time I try it stalls

Make sure you do you don’t have any cargo/ passengers, and limit the amount of fuel.


Do what @kind9624 stated, and go max power and pull up as hard as you can! :)


I would also get the plane as light as possible and have no winds in the surrounding area, for best results.

It depends in the cargo, fuel, pax you have.

Make sure you’re light and full powered with lots of head wind, then, XCub that 787 lol! :D


Since this is in the Live Category
The first step is don’t do it on expert server


You could have a 100mph direct headwind…


This is the smartest tip so far… Please don’t do it on ES.

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This is not true, I have performed the Dreamliner takeoff many times before, i’v Done it with 100% weight (right before MTOW)

As long as you go about 93%(not N1 power) power, and have your rotation at 200Kts, pitch up to about 30-40 degrees, and pull back down around 150-140 KTS, and you’ll be fine!

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