How do you pay for your membership

I renew it every Christmas or my Birthday as a present. I get the one year subscription too.

Since Live came out I’ve always bought the yearly subscription.

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How much is the yearly subscription?

I think it’s $79.99 now. I bought it right before global so I only paid $49.99


I’ve been paying for live membership ever since I downloaded IF.

I pay for it by having a job.


I haven’t had live for a while and I’m still surviving, somehow


I mainly just work hard for grades and every quarter I get a certain amounts of money so I buy a monthly subscription so every quarter I get around 35 dollars and that’s how I pay for my subscription. Also my good grades will help me achieve my goal as a pilot.


Just save up $120 till the year ends

Why parents just let the app auto renew the subscription every year or month depending on what subscription I have! So I’ll never run out of Infinite Flight Pro! LOL


You lucky Americans, we Canadians pay $104.99 a year (69.99 pre-global)

Ok I know the American dollar is worth a lot more but it still hurts the bank account!


Yeah I’m with you there

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I pay with my Christmas giftcards.
I bought a yearly subscription right before Global came out even though my subscription had a couple months left. So, it ends in 2019, and I saved $30.

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I pay through my allowance every month

Hmm. I usually only buy monthly at a time. You see, I would get yearly, but sometimes I’m not always active, (let’s say I have exams for school or something)
I would take break to revise and do those exams then come back to IF.
I just worry with a yearly sub that I won’t make the most of it, that’s all

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I pay $80 a year for the Pro subscription. I bought my first Live+ (For all you new folks - that’s what it was called back in the Pre-Global era) at $50 right before Global, so I saved some $$$. I just get $80 from my job every year to pay it off. :)

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I ask my parents/try to buy a gift card and tell them I spent the money on food


I pay for my membership with a nice monetary unit that is very easily traded unless depression strikes: the US Dollar

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This thread is an interesting place where people are trying to explain money in creative ways 😅.

In my case, where I live, we can buy App Store stuff directly from our mobile carrier balances. So I buy a recharge card, too up my balance, and hen purchase PRO from there. It’s less suspicious to use mobile recharge cards than iTunes gift cards lol.

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  • Part time jobs around my local community.
  • Savings from allowances.

The rest is history…

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First is to have a goal in mind. Do you want to save up for the annual or go for the slightly more expensive monthly plan. Keep track of where your money goes. A few dollars here and there adds up quickly. Getting coffee, fast food, etc.

For me, my boss gives me money for doing my job. I have another boss that pays me a retainer each month as a webmaster for their website.

Other money comes in from heated competitions that I participate in. Rock Paper Scissors is a tough market to get into but once in you can make mad cheddar (yo). I declared a thumb war back in 2016 but was injured to the point that I almost lost all rudder control for Infinite Flight, not a good day. After rehab and physical therapy I was part of a high stakes “the floor is lava” game. Being tall I am not very agile but I managed to make it from the sofa to the chair with no problems. This allowed me to buy another plane to add to my collection. I am looking forward to the 2018 summer games. Duck Duck Goose is coming back but this time we added rules of no live animals. The council debated and removed Red Rover from our list of competitive games due to the Scoleri brothers using wrist braces to form an unbreakable barrier. Poor Fred didnt see it coming. RIP Fred. (hes grounded).