How do you pair ForeFlight with IOS?

I want to pair IF with FF and I need pointers


  • It would be best to have 2 devices on with you, but you need to go into settings and enable the link, als check with the topic above.

Steps to use Foreflight with Infinite Flight:

Step 1: Enable Foreflight Link in Infinite Flight

Step 2: Spawn at your chosen airport in Live

Step 3: Open ForeFlight on another device. Keep in mind this device has to be on the same wifi network.

Step 4: In Foreflight, tap ‘More tabs and devices.’ You will then see Infinite Flight in the menu. Choose the ‘enabled’ option.

Step 5: Plan your route inside of Foreflight or Infinite


If you have any problems you can also check out my problems and how it got fixed!

This should be of assistance. 🙂


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