How do you organize your planespotting shots?


Just curious as to how everybody keeps track of their planespotting shots. Currently I am running windows 10 and a computer specifically built to handle photo editing.

It all begins with the import of photos from the SD card. All photos are imported as RAWs with a JPEG attached through LR. These photos are stored on a work drive (Seagate Barracuda 1TB) where they spend their time as I edit and organize the photos. Every photo gets a specific set of tags:

  • Location information (Airport ICAO, Airport IATA, Airport name)

  • Airline info (Airline ICAO, Airline IATA and Airline name)

  • Aircraft info (Manufacturer and type (i.e Airbus, A320))

Each photo also gets a title with the registration of the aircraft.

Using the system above I am theoretically able to find any photo within milliseconds just by searching for the registration, aircraft type, airline name or a combination of some or all.

When edited and all done the photos stay on the work drive but also get copied to a backup drive, which is sorted by year. All photos are also backed up to the cloud through backblaze which gives me unlimited storage of photos for 5$ a month.

I am interested how you guys keep track of your photos and am interested in new ways to organize and further extend my system.



I sort them into Folders of: Date | Airport

From that sometimes I will sort them into Special Liveries and Normal Liveries

I have a folder on my desktop for ‘Planespotting’ then inside of that I have a folder for every time I have gone spotting (dated), and inside of those, I have my pictures.

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I organize mine by the trip number and the airport. Example:



I have them all in a folder that says “Planespotting”

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I title my pictures like this…

Airline - Type - Registration

These all go in a folder titled HoustonPlanespotting, my instagram account name. Once I get a few more pictures in my “database” I’ll reorganize it. I think I may go do that now, and delete the old, cringey pictures.

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