How do you move around in free view during replay mode?

I am trying to do a moonshot but I can’t move around using the free cam view.

Left side of the screen is for movement, Right side of the screen is for facing different directions.

Edit: Or just look at the topic below.

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This topic below is a good start! 🙃

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Also how do you make the background bigger while keeping the foreground the same

Hold on the screen and tilt your device up and down. This zooms in and out and makes the background come more alive.

How do I make the moon bigger in this pic?

Move far away from the aircraft and zoom in. Should work.

For a better, more detailed tutorial, look here


Much farther what you have in the photo

But I want the aircraft in the picture with a bigger moon
Like in this pic

That’s what will happen. That’s how the camera works.

Then how do you bring the aircraft into the pic

It all works once you do it. Zoom out then in.

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