How do you make these charts?

How do you make charts like these that are used in events?

Photo taken from @ran and @PocketRishi’s event.

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Hey there! You can make these charts like:

|Gate|Airline|Aircraft|Destination|Wave 1|Wave 2|
|-|-|-|-|-| (Add one more -|)
|Terminal Gate 02|American|B789|Seattle (KSEA)|@ran||

You need to have 7 of these “|” if you have 7 bars between the items:
|Gate|Airline|Aircraft|Destination|Wave 1|Wave 2|


Hey, please scroll to the forum before asking!

but here it is…

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
| Option 1 |  Option 2 |  Option 3 |
|  Option 1 |  Option 2 |  Option 3 |

simply add more gates by putting more | or |—| to the left

edit: posted at a similar time as @ran lol

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That’s great! Thanks to both of you! :)

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Hey! Here are the specific instructions taken from the topic I’ll include below.

For future reference on how to format on the IFC, I’d definitely recommend checking this topic out. It’s a very useful tool for understanding everything about writing editing on this forum. Hope it helps!

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If you make a standard table in google docs and copy it, pasting it here will make it look like that as well.

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Thanks for the help! 😊