How do you make “superb landings”?

I have always wondered this about this question and I always have hard landings. How do I prevent this?

Practice practice practice… and more practice lol. it also depends on the aircraft. cut power back around 10-20ft and flare around 5-10ft maybe? make sure you have the correct landing speed too.


Aha! Landing speed, thx!

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what aircraft do you trouble landing with mostly?

737-900. I am pretty good with big planes though.

Mathew can you put this on general as Chris S and moved it in general for a reaaon as that is the right category.

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Oh, sorry.

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Oooo, the 739 is one of my favorites! depending on weight, I land flaps 40, trim 0-10%, landing speed/touch down speed I try to get at around 138-144kts, flare around 10ft. that’s how I land it

Great! I will practice with your method!

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Thank you

You’re welcome!

Let me know if it works! if someone closes this topic feel free to PM me. :)

Ok, I will keep in touch with you!

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@Chatta290 Thank you ❤️


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