How do you make gate assignments for an event?

Hello, I want to create an event and I need help on how to make the gate assignment format. Thank you!

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This will help you my friend :)

Good luck with your event!

Find it under ‘table’ 😉

Thank you so much, this is very helpful!

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The following will be a great template:

| — | — | — | — | — |
|Gate 1|Yuta Airlines|787-9|Tokyo-Haneda||

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If you need anything else relating to the community (or events), don’t hesitate to PM me and I’ll be more than happy to help!


I am having trouble using the table feature, do I just copy and paste your table to my draft?

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*Moved to PM.

To avoid all of that work, you can always make a table in google docs and copy it into the IFC :)

When I use the format, the table doesn’t show up in the preview section.

Yeah, it’s sometimes tough to work. Make a google doc and create a table on there. Fill it in, and copy it to the IFC. That way works as well :)

Ok, thank you for everyone’s help!

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I was able to make a table on Google Docs and the table showed up, and now I know the format. Thank you again everyone!

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Glad I could help. Good luck with your event.


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