How do you make an destination in IF

Hello. I’m new to IF pro, and I have a quick question.

How do I make a route so that it shows a destiantion on 3rd party apps like Liveflight because when I’m flying it says I’m flying VFR when I’m actually flying to KLAX. How do you fix this?

I fly in casual server


i think you should add KLAX as the last waypoint

I did that, but still nothing

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huh lemme check whats your callsign?

I’m not currently flying,

Callsign: N1212

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where are you then? are you at the airport?

I don’t have the app open, this is just my experience. However in 20-25 minutes I’ll be in KLAX casual server.

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oh maybe when you spawn at the airport and have a FPL set with KLAX as your last waypoint then it should work
otherwise its probably a glitch

What’s FPL?

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Flight Plan

This is what it shows when I’m flying
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 10.38.02

This is what I would like it to show
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 10.38.29

And I did everything you told me

I even followed an IF tutorial

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yea idk know why it is showing that

its probably a glitch

hey @Hyperavation
it shows you are going to KMIA

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Alright awesome! Thanks!

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It should look like this,

The departure airport should be your first waypoint on your flight plan (FPL).

The arrival airport as the last. You can view that by going to the map and clicking / holding the button on the bottom right that says “MAP” and switching it to “MAP FPL” or just “FPL”


Yup, thanks!

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