How do you make an application form

Hello I’m making a VA but I don’t know how to make application can someone help me.

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You can use Google Forms and have it make a spreadsheet for you (Include IFC Username, Email, Timezone, IF Grade, IFC Trust Level, etc)

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You can make one on google forms and attach is to your VA’s website

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Ok but we’re cami find google forums.

I believe you can go


Ok thanks I will find it.

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It depends on what kind of creator you are using (I think you are using something free). For free things like Weebly or Wix:

  • There are apps that are called (Form builder), and then you make different sections

They are really basic, also Google Forms is really good to check out.

Also, this shouldn’t be in #support.

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Ok thanks and sorry I did not know we’re to put it.

I’m using weebly…

I have changed your thread to #general. Please remember that #support is only for issues related to the game itself.

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ok sure thanks…

Hello! If you’re using weebly, you can embed code onto the website. Check YouTube there are a few tutorials.

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