How do you make a event?

When ever the ATIS says “event in process” I think “how do you make your own event” so You could have a fly out with some people, so, how do you make your own events?

If you are looking to make an event, I’d talk to @snoman or @anon38496261. Their events are da bomb.


Most of the time when ATIS says event in progress it is usually referring to a FNF or for example the LFPG flyout. If you want to make an event check this thread out :)


Alaska096 has only created one event :thinking:

Check out the #live:events category for those who have posted one, as well as the topic @Aviation3 has linked above.



I’m sorry to say this but you make 3 topics in less than 30 minutes, just get the engines a bit fresher…

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Oh. Well, his event is going to be super cool. I can tell he is an expert already :)

Anyone can do that lol

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;) good one

I’ve made a SFO flyout, if you like that formatting I can teach a little bit

Usually events that are with IFATC are run by IF like an FNF or a large fly out like last weeks at Paris. Some other events that are on the expert server could be those done by virtual airlines. Check around with some seasoned event organizers to get something together. I’d recommend doing an event with other prior to making your own as it seems it could require a lot of experience. Most smaller fly outs and other events not sponsored by IF or a VA are held on the TS if they want ATC.

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