How do you log your flights?


Looking to find a place where I can log my flights from IF and other sims later on. Yeah I know IF has one built in but I’m looking for one like myFlightRadar24 (FlightDiary) but for sims?

Do you know anything?

I would recommend MyFR24, even for Sim flights. Another option is to make a spreadsheet (Google Sheets is best if you want to share it online) and put all your flights in there.

Hope this helps.

Problem is I don’t think I can enter in my custom Info in myFR24. How would I make a spreadsheet (Like what would my template be?). Thanks :)

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I’d just start with a blank sheet, then add in columns with everything I need but Stand By I’ll make you a template to copy.

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Thank you very much!

Thing is, I’m looking to have that map XD

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I use Flightmemory for logging my sim and real flights. You can enter a lot of information about the flight.


I sometimes use it is a nice website to use.

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