How do you log or map your flights?

Hello Community!

Ever since the release of Global I have been wanting to make this topic!
Two weeks before global arrived into our devices updates tab, I went online and bought 2 maps. One of Australia (for domestic routes in Australia)and the other of the whole world (for international flight routes and flight routes in different countries). On them I have marked every single flight I have completed since the release of global (note some have been flown multiple times).

The reason I created this topic was to show you guys how I map out and log my flights. And ask you guys the question, how you guys map or log your flights?

I am very keen to see how others have done it and if some have mapped their flights out on am map just like I did.

Thank you very much for reading my topic, have a great day and happy landings!



I don’t keep a log of my flights but I do keep track of all current flights that in doing using live flight tracker with my laptop as in flying. Does that count?

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I use live flight tracker to. It’s pretty handy while being away from your device. Do you take a screenshot of your route or something?

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This is a nice and romantic idea. You’ll probably be the only person that has done it! Most of us fly 2 or 3 times a day, so keeping tabs on where we fly would become impossible when it comes down to it due to the map becoming a big black blob haha

All I can tell you is, most of my flights are in the northern hemisphere - but I have started venturing down to see some of the other sights and wonders that the world has to offer.


That’s nice to know! Only reason why I don’t have many flights on there is because I mainly foy small GA flights and pattern work. Yeah, the Southern Hemisphere is a very nice place to explore!


I fly a mixture, so I do some long hauls, seeing how far I can get certain aircraft before fuel expires (MD11 has a prescribed limit of 12 hours, I’ve got just under 18 out of it), I’m also travelling around the world in a 208, to make sure I see everywhere :) haha

Best of luck mapping your flights, it’s honestly a nice idea but not a functional one for me. 👍

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I use to map my flights its really cool

How do you map it on there? I thought Flightradar24 was only for looking and tracking actual planes.

Go to the link I provided and you will probably have to create an account but then you can just log flights in the ‘Log Flight’ menu and it appears.

I’ll do a tutorial for you somepoint today and send it to you via PM :)

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I find this amazing! Recording and plotting your flights like this. After a while your world map will show clutter in one area, and no lines in another. So you can make some decisions on where you would want to travel next.

You could even place the great sights and wonderful airports onto the map, to check if you’ve visited them.

Are you using the map for planning your flights as well?
Do you plot every flight?


It’s actually

Even I use this to keep track of my flights… it’s amazing

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Well I used to have it so I drew routes that I want to go on next but found my self not getting the full aviation experience, like communicating with the ATC. So I rubbed out all my planed flights and now basically fly where ever the ATC on the expert server is.

Can’t wait for @BennyBoy_Alpha to show me how it works in a PM

I use great circle mapper.


Wow! That looks awesome. I see you do a lot of flying👍😉

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That looks great, do you have a link please?

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Wow so neat u put your flights on the map.
I kinda would have a mess as I’ve done over 500+ routes in global.
I fly for DLVA so some of the hubs would be a mess and in fact my North America would be just lines lol

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This is actually a really cool idea, I should try this.

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All you have to do is put the ICAO codes like this


I have never really “logged” my flights, but I have taken images of every flight I have done since the release of global, and right now I think half of the photos on my device are from IF. These photos are in the map view, and tells me my starting point, destination, etc. So basically i have a flight record, just with independant pictures on my device. :)

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