How do you like the A320s?

  • A318
  • A319 (Fences)
  • A319 (Sharklets)
  • A320 (Fences)
  • A320 (Sharklets)
  • A321 (Fences)
  • A321 (Sharklets)

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An A321 with IAE engines and sharklets is one of the reasons why I like the A320 Family now. The dorito chip winglets and the CFMs engines look disgusting in my opinion.


A320 looks pretty darn nice with sharklets and IAE engines too:


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i like the a321 with sharklets i am still getting used to the sharklets on the a320

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I hate those A320s too

I like neither of them. The only Airbus that I like is A380, A340-600 and A330. I really prefer 737 instead of A32-, I like the fat design and the hamster inlet in the engines.

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Then you’ll like this:


I love the sharklets because of the AWESOME strobes and the bright Nav lights. Looks soo beautiful. I’m in love with their strobe lights.

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Im going as far as 50 votes total guys

I like it with a dog trapped in the cargo hold.

I love the a318 and I would love to see the a318 with Sharklets become more popular.

I love them with wings

A320 sharklets wins

I reopened it. Will close every 50 votes

Airbus a320 with fences

If an a322 (a320 merged with a321) existed, that would be mine

The 18 is a stumpy horrible little box which looks like a 20 flew into something and got squashed and abit fat. 737-8/9 is a beautiful aircraft!

If it ain’t boeing I ain’t going.

The A318 and Sharklet A321.

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Then I’ll make a 737 poll

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And those engines…ohhhhhhhhh

I created it. Search the same name but 737s

I pointlessly voted