How do you land the q400

I am having endless difficulties landing one of my favorite planes, the Q400. Whenever I come in and flare the plane wants to go up and then it stalls and wants to go down. is this a bug?

No, not a bug, your landing speeds are off.

I would suggest looking at this topic for all speeds and other things:


Infinite flight has 2 great tutorials on the youtube channel.



You can use these for more help


Ya I have noticed that I have no trouble landing with flaps 15 but when they go down to 35 all hell breaks loose.

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I’d suggest following this great chart (source: Majestic Software) on takeoff, approach and landing speeds for the DHC-8-400. I always use it when flying this aircraft. Cruise is generally 210knts.

I made a better post on this a short while back for referral.


thanks, and what happens when I use flaps 35?

Follow the Vref speeds.

I would only suggest flaps 35 for airports where STOL is needed. Such as London City, Toronto City etc… I’d generally suggest always using flaps 10 or 15 on landing.


Okay because IRL we used 35 coming into KSEA

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Q400 usually has a nose down attitude on final and that is normal, especially for flaps 35.
BTW apparently Jazz (AC express) SOP is to use flaps 35 everywhere.

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Personally speaking, I just slam it down and hope the passengers survive.

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