How do you land the Boeing 757-200 smoothly like butter

Hey I want to know how to land the Boeing 757-200 smoothly like butter.


It all just takes practice!

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How I became a pro at it:
Do “short final” until you are good at it

And it actually works

I just about to say the same thing, that’s what I did

Yeah but try to practice with different wind conditions

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Gday there @AviatorNick15,
Tyler made a wonderful and very helpful video tutorial on how to fly the newly reworked B757 which includes how to land the aircraft. Be sure to check it out. Flying the B757 Tutorial


Patience, practice, and dont use the rudder too hard. If you do you’ll veer off easily. Move the rudder on the ground in itty bitty moves.

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Yep! I agree

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Practice achieving a stabilized approach, at target speed and descent rate. It gives you less adjustments to mess with during flare and touchdown.


Use the rudder once you are 20 feet above the runway to line up with the centerline and use very minimal rudder inputs. The rudder is incredibly sensitive so you need to be careful on how much rudder you use or you risk veering off the runway.

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