How do you land the 757?

I trying to can the 757 but I just can’t seem to land it without using the rudder constantly. Even when I use it I can’t line it up perfectly with the runway. What should I do I tried go faster and slower nothing works.

The B757 is a slippery aircraft and it needs the rudder sometimes.

Are you having trouble landing it or departing with it?

Landing it’s is very difficult taking off is a breeze

Ok, I’d recommend landing at this speed and using trim

Speed Trim
140 IAS +25%

What about flaps I never use full flaps because I don’t think it’s needed

In addition to MJP’s response, check out this helpful tutorial on takeoff and landing profiles.

Load % Takeoff Power Takeoff Flaps Rotate Airborne by Landing Flaps Final App. ‡ Flare/Touchdown
25% 72% = 84% N1 Flaps 5 125kts 145kts Flaps 30 125kts 120kts
50% 77% = 90% N1 Flaps 5 / 15** 135kts 150kts Flaps 30 135kts 130kts
75% 83% = 95% N1 Flaps 5 / 15** 140kts 155kts Flaps 30 145kts 140kts
>75%*** 86% = 97% N1 Flaps 15** 150kts 170kts Flaps 30 150kts 145kts

Here, use this. I got it from the tutorial that @Dylan_M linked


And if I’m right should I wait to use reverse thrust when the nose when touches the floor because I tend to use it when it’s still off the floor. Idk if that could be a factor as well.

I honestly don’t know when to use reverse thrust but I do know that you can’t use reverse thrust below 60 knots ground speed

Yh I know that but what I wanted to know is if you use reverse thrust as soon the main landing gears touch the floor could result in the plane pulling one way for some reason. I do it on the 777 all the time and it’s fine but idk if it’s different for the 757

I’m pretty sure you use them once your front landing gear has touched down

Okay great thanks

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