How do you land at PAJN's runway 26?

Hello everyone, I have a quick question. Seeing as PAJN is open today, I’m currently on my way there from Seattle. It looks like currently runway 08 is in use, and while looking at the approach procedures I noticed that there are no published approach procedures for runway 26. Why so? How would I land a commercial airliner without a published procedure on 26? Would this even be allowed? Would love to hear what people know below. :)


what is it u are flying

I’m flying a 737-800 right now.

Let me ask my buddy whose a controller there

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Ace, i had to go back a few weeks to find a landing on 26 at PAJN-it appears to be a visual thru the valley.

I will give it a whirl in solo and see what I can come up with Ace. Apparently Alaska has a set RNP procedure to land on 26.

I found this online:

Thanks for all replies. Here is what I come up with: Flying VFR fly to intersection MARMN and hit it at 5000’ AGL. Then follow the water towards the runway, kind of a fast descent (1500 fps) but doable in a Baron58. When flying IFR the ATC will vector you a bit past MARMN at 6800’ AGL and then you have to descend like (at least 2000 fps) to get to the runway. It’s doable in a Baron58. My question is can a B737 descend at that rate to get to PAJN?

It also seems Alaska doesn’t release the charts (jetBlue has some proprietary charts as well-I’ve seen them but I cannot post-sorry)
This would require us getting custom waypoints to the nav team

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@Aceorbit try this but Idk how old it is


Here’s a piece on it as well:

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@FBWFTW @RotorGuy

Thanks guys, first time I’ve heard of airlines having their own approaches & their respective charts for the runway. Learn something new everyday I guess. :)

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OpSecs determines that, my guy is a controller at JNU its fun!

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