How do you land a Cessna aircraft without them bouncing?

When I land the 172 or the 182 Caravan they always touch down really hard. Then spring back up and I must put them down again and they spring back up. How do I stop that?


What speed to you land at? Do you pitch up too high?

Remember to use trim and light inputs.


Around 100knts

That’s about the landing speed of a Q400! Go between 50 and 60 knots.


What amount?

Another aircraft I can’t land 😂

Whatever suits you, and put it on as you slow down. Only do it to where it feels comfortable when you pitch up to flare for landing.

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I will try that, thank you.

The C208 should land around 10kts faster than the 172.


The bounsing is cause, because your landing to fast. Land slower will do the trick!

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I’m pretty sure @EyesSkyward already said that. No need to repeat what’s already been said.


Try to keep approach angle lower than normal and right before touch down pull yoke back a bit.

I have found that when you are practicing the landing in a 172, you can use on less notch of flaps than you normally would and land faster. That could result in a more buttery landing.

That also helps to avoid stalling if you do that on landing.

@Luke_King-kong. MaxSez: A Landing takes 2 Steps. A “Round Out then Flair”… On speed, Treshold speed is not Approach speed, your reducing throttle as you Round Out, at the threshold chop the throttle. You’ll enter ground affect then FLARE, speed will come off as you Taxi, goose it if you wish on Taxi but never over 20 mph in a 172.

(PS: Trim is neutral)

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I had a hard time reading that, but I think I’ve got the idea haha


The 172’s approach speed is 70-60 kts I usually do 65 but I’ll hold 65 kts until I’m over the runway then I’ll pull the throttle to idle and touchdown usually ab 55kts

@DylanHK. MaxSez: Parse the run on guidance.
Great minds…Max

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