How do you know which runway to use for takeoff's and Landing?

This is a question that has been in my head for a long time but always forget to ask.

So how do you know which runway to use for takeoff/landing. So for example; at KSAN which runway, in IRL, is used for takeoff and landing? So then I can imply that in IF

Thank you for improving my ATC skills!

I usually check FlightRadar24. IRL you tune into ATIS for traffic information like ruwnay in use.

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Thanks! I will try that next time :)

Same here.

KSAN uses 27 most of the time.

If it’s a single or parallel runway airport ATC do most of the times follow the wind, although at airports like heathrow it is not as easy as flipping a switch for a runway change so the runway at the start the day could well be used at the end of the day even if the winds don’t comply.

I think it’s more because of noise protection.

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Heathrow uses one for landings and the other for takeoffs, at 15:00 GMT they were inverted.

Yeah, thought so as well, because I was at LHR and aircrafts were landinging but when the time changed to 3:00, or something like that, that runway was used for takeoff

Yea, they usually change at low traffic periods.

Also, its harder to take of off 09, you have to have a steeper climb which is harder for the rare, larger jets. Also, runway 27 has a big threshold. And the wind is always in favor of 27, so 27 is perfect.

Most follow the wind rule, so if in doubt, use the wind.

A local example is EGNX prefers RWY 09, as takeoffs make less noise, and there is a town just past short final for 27.

Sometimes the ATC in IF prefers to make it simple for the pilots, especially if the tailwind isn’t that strong but yea if you come to WSSS, expect 02L for landing as 02C is for departure though this is never true when I control as I just want the best for the pilots :)