How do you know what the emergency is?

Hi community I recently got a general emergency alert from FR24 and I have no idea what the problem was. So that made me wonder how does one figure out what happened? Is there and app or website? Thank you!

also I don’t know if this is in the right category or not


Great topic. We are under the investigation, at least me and @Ruky on

It only detects the transponder code so there is no direct way to tell the exact emergency.

I think he means how do people tell what emergency they have

Oh, because sometimes I see people say [as an example:] that it had to divert because of [Reason.]

That’s because the reason became public quickly

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Ah i see, thank you kind human!

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It doesn’t tell you what for, it only reads the squawk codes.

This is called “guessing” 98 percent of the time.


I’ve had success searching the flight code on twitter and you can sometimes find out info. FR24 also posts stuff on their twitter when they find out.

It’s a crap shoot, but using tools can help you find your answer. Twitter (basically any social media), searching news, info from the arriving or departing airport.

If you have flown IRL, you will know you input a squak code into the transponder (typically it is something like 1250 or something, don’t quote me)

This then detects the emergency, on FR24, typically it is 7600 which is a radio failure or 7700 which is a general failure

He already knows this.

7700 is a general emergency, not necessarily a failure. The “general” part is why he is asking. He wants to know if there is a way to find the specific emergency (engine failure, medical emergency, hydraulic issue, etc). From what I know, the majority of 7700 squawks, at least the ones on FR24, are medical emergencies. I could be wrong though, and obviously every case is different so it won’t always be the case.


As soon as I get a notification from FR24 I check the location of the aircraft, then I open LiveAtc App and tune in to the correct frequency.
Then I will know what the emergency is.

Typical emergencies: Smoke/fumes in cockpit/cabin, engine failure, hydraulic failures, cabin pressure issues etc.


I try doing that but sometimes the airport is not on the LiveATC app.

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