How do you know if you are even close to TL1?

Hi, I was just wondering If there is a way to know if I am even close TL1.

I am currently trying to get into IFATC and all I need it TL1. How can I know if I am even close? That is if it is even possible to see.

Thanks to any replies in advance!

Congrats, you are currently TL1! Indicated by the “Basic” badge in your profile.


Hey @Ballio,

You are currently a TL1! If you check your profile, it should say Basic.
The trust levels work like this:

TL0 = New User
TL1 = Basic
TL2 = Member
TL3 = Regular
TL4 = Leader

You won’t know how close you are to reaching TL1 though. IF doesn’t give out the requirements for each trust level.


really? I thought that was just TL0. Thanks everyone!

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Here is the link:


thank you!

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No problem, glad to help!

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