How do you keep your stats if you change your device?

I was wondering if anyone knew if your stats would be deleted or remain the same if you switch the device you run IF on? I was previously running IF on an iPhone 5c, but I changed to a 6s in December '15 and my stats got deleted in my previous device. I was wondering if it would happen again despite having an account now that I am thinking of changing soon?

You should be able to just restore purchases on your new phone if you go from apple to apple. If you go from apple to android or vice versa, then all of your stats will be gone and you will have to purchase everything again

Yeah I know about the restore purchases. But, what about things like your flight time, XP, and number of landings?

It should stay the same since you went from one apple device to another

Well I lost all of that last time I switched but I don’t think I had a proper account back then. Now that I do, I was wondering if I would still loose all of that…

Not that i am aware of

Ok thank you for your help! :)

No problem

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