How do you join a virtual airline?

How do you join a virtual airline?

Have a scroll through #live:va category and then follow the prompts listed in a Virtual Airline’s thread,
eg - Send an application through their website etc.

For example,
In American Virtual’s thread, to join their Virtual Airline,
You would click on the “Apply” button which will take you to their website to send in an application:

You can additionally check out the Infinite Flight VA Database which lists every VA/VO in Infinite Flight through the website below:

Good luck!


Thank you!

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Do i need a subscription to join virtual airlines?

You’ll need to check the requirements of the specific VA that you want to join. Most require a subscription, but some don’t.

What ones don’t?

Off the top of my head, I’m not sure. I’d advise checking the lesser-known airlines, as most legacy/large VAs like DLVA and BAVA require a subscription.

I that Qantas Virtual doesn’t require a subscription but not to sure about others

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Ok I’ll check out the qantas virtual but I don’t think there are any qantas airline livery’s apart from the A380 without subscription

You can do the Cadet flights in the C172 and then you can log flights with the b717 after you have completed the training flights. However, you can also check out the Qantas Flying Club and there you can fly the Cirrus and also gain hours from that. Those are just the planes and the routes that you can do at Qantas Virtual that can to my head. You can ask more question by messaging @QantasVirtualGroup

They have there website closed but most now require subscriptions

They are currently redesigning there website so might take a bit so as mentioned give them a message on IFC at @QantasVirtualGroup for more information

Ok I shall do that

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