How do you join a Virtual Airline and how does it work?

Hi all,

I was wondering how to join a Virtual Airline and how it works. I was also wondering if there is a Virtual Airline for people with no pro subscription (live).

Have a look at some VA threads.

Most VAs require you to have a ProbSubscription. It again - all this can be found in the VA’s thread.


Hello! Here is the IFVARB website full of awesome and fun VA’s to join!

Do you know any VAs for non pro people?

I believe Qantas Virtual ( allow people who do not have Pro to participate

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There’s a good handful of VAs that allow you to not have a pro subscription (For a certain amount of time) If they do not make it clear, you can always contact them

Let’s not have this turn into a free advertisement thread :)


Ok. Thanks anyway

Click on the IFVARB link that @Speedyyy provided. Then once you’re there, click on the VA you’re interested in. You’ll find within their own website information about the VA and how you can join. Thanks!