How do you input GPS Coordinates to your FPL?

Who can help me whit this?
I want to know how i can put these WPT in my flight plan. Because i can’t find these WPT in the map of Infinite Flight.

I have searched everywhere on YouTube and on various forums but I have not been able to find it anywhere.

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You have to type it manually in the search bar, as part of a complete flight plan, not one by one - or it won’t work.

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This tutorial should help:

Enjoy :)


Yess it looks like what i’m shearing for!!! :)

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I recommend going to it was made by @Chris_S and it should help you generate a flight plan. Then go to Infinite Flight and click the “world” icon. Next, click the search bar and paste the flight plan. It should come up on the map. That’s it!


That users FPL has been created using the site linked above. this is why it shows up as GPS coordinates as that site can add them to your FPL where as you can’t easily yourself. Use that site, copy your FPL and paste it onto IF


Do you have to make a account for this

You do have to have an account in simbreif. As far as I know you don’t have to have an account on

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How do you it?? i can only do it whit SimBrief and Flight Aware

Click on the ”sim brief option” (make sure you have an account first) and then add the airports and plane.

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Just follow the instructions, it’s super simple and almost user error free.


yes i know i have made a account and now i’m making a flight plan

You don’t have to have an account with UNLESS you want to have your flight plan saved. This is so you can use it again without having to go on Simbrief or FlightAware. You just have to log on to your account.

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