How do you Infinite Flight?

Hello Humans of IFC!

In today’s topic, I would want you guys to discuss and tell me how do you guys fly in infinite flight?

Here is the basic set up for you to type in below!

(Your Take off Procedure)
(Your Climb Procedure)
(Your Cruise Procedure)
(Your Decent procedure)
(Your Approach Procedure)
(Your After-landing Procedure)
(Your shut-down procedure)

Here is how I do Infinite Flight
(Obviously listen to ATC)
After rotation at about 1,000 Feet, I would activate autopilot to take me to 10,000FT
After reaching 10,000 Feet, I would then have autopilot climb me to desired altitude. If on a long haul, I would head up to FL200 and then ascend up to the final cruising altitude.
For cruise, I do nothing.
Decent, I would have Autopilot do its thing. Descending to VNAV altitude.
On Final approach, I would use auto-land but would deactivate it during short final and take control.
After I land, I taxi to the desired gate and then shut everything off, and then end the flight.

Feel free to also type in what do you do during cruise when you have nothing to do!

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Auto-start and full power.

I usually go up.

What’s that again?

I would say something, but it would be flagged right away.

Aim for the airport. Preferably the runway, but that’s optional.

Either go back to take off procedure or despawn.

There’s such thing?


When you reach cruising altitude, what do you do?

I’d love for you to do this too! Would be super interesting for sure

I legit just watch videos on my computer and interact on the IFC! In some events, I just listen to music.

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Ok Mr. casual flyer!

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  • Landing & strobe lights on before takeoff, as well as APU off. Set 85% throttle, which is 91% N1 (thanks @Tyler_Shelton)
  • After climbing past 1,000 feet, i set my throttle to 80% (85% N1), then i turn on LNAV keep the throttle at 80% (depends on if i reach 250 before 10,000 ft)
  • Upon passing 10,000 i turn seatbelt signs off. (i don’t step climb) After reaching cruise, i do nothing but occasionally change the camera angles.
  • i activate VNAV one minute before TOD (thanks again @Tyler_Shelton). Then i decrease my speed at random intervals while descending.
  • While approaching the airport, i set my speed to 200 and begin setting up the ILS. When I line up with the runway, i select NAV1 on the avionics and maintain 3000 feet. Right before hitting the red shape on the approach path of the runway, i activate the ILS. I decrease my speed dramatically and start adding flaps. I disengage my autopilot at around 500-600 ft AGL, then i try to touchdown on the TZ.
  • I set the reverse thrust to 75% all the way until i’m at at 70 kts ground speed. After exiting the runway, I start the APU and turn of landing & strobe lights.
  • Upon parking at the gate, i turn beacons off first, and turn off the engines. I then connect the jet bridges and the GSE. After that, I turn off seatbelt signs. Then I leave lol

Banndo only flies on casual server, that is why!


The shutdown procedure is something like this.

My procedures are nothing out the ordinary and are similar to yours

As for cruise, I do basically anything else than stare at IF. I could play games with IF in the background, watch meaningless videos on the same device or laptop, Linux things, perhaps go on a walk

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if it’s a long haul, i usually go to sleep. If it’s a long haul during the day, i turn the brightness all the way down, activate low power mode, and let it sit there in the corner of the room for 7 hours lol. Meanwhile, I work on school stuff and listen to music. I do pretty much the same thing if it’s a short/medium haul flight during the day.

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Detach the GSE, get cameras set up. Pushback and wait till engine 2 is at 20% then start engine 1.
While waiting, extend takeoff flaps and turn landing lights on.


I taxi up to 15 knots and try to stay on center, I hold short and then wait for clearance.


I enter the runway and strobe lights when entering the runway. 40% throttle, then TOGA. Not full power but like 93 N1.
Once I pass 200 knots, I bring the flaps up, around 1500-2000 ft. Then if its a short-medium, I just climb right up with 1700 VS. Long haul I step climb. Once I am past 10,000 I turn off landing lights.


Once at cruising, I turn off the fasten seatbelt sign and just let autopilot do the work, turn brightness down, plug the iPad up, and let it fly.


I slow down to around 230 knots and go down with 1700 VS.


I slow down to around 220 knots and turn landing lights on at 10,000 ft, aswell as fasten seatbelts. Call up approach and get set.


I maintain 220 Knots until aligned, I slow down to 160 until a 5 mile final, bring flaps 1 at 5000, 2 at 4000, 3 at 3000, 4 at 2000, and 5 at a Full at a 5 mile final.

Taxi in

Dis-arm the spoilers, bring in the flaps, I keep strobe lights on until I am off the runway, taxi in at 10 knots, turn engine 1 off and start the APU, once at the gate I turn off beacons and then engine 2, attach gse and gates, then usually wait a minute or two.


My full procedure:

  • Taxi: Pushback and taxi according to ATC instructions. Taxi between 15 and 20 kts (GS).
  • Departure: 70-90% throttle (depending on aircraft) . Arm autopilot once at 1000 ft MSL. VS usually between 2500 & 3500 at between 235 and 255 kts IAS.
  • Cruising: Always fly between FL250 and FL350. Arm VNAV once at cruising. Adjust VNAV waypoints to my cruising. Always traveling at the fastest speed possible.
  • Decent: VNAV does the work for me. I just decrease speed accordingly.
  • Landing: Always come in at 140-155 kts IAS. Butter the landing.
  • Shut down procedure: Just turn off everything. There’s not much to that…

I usually eat and watch TV while cruising.

Butter the landing is the most crucial step by far.

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This was a good read and made my day !! thank you


Forget the past and butter the next!

I fly.

I fly.

I fly.

I fly.

I fly.

I do not fly.

This is a government rumor. Do not believe everything the government tells you 🤨.



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