How do you import a replay on android?

For starters, i use 2 device,. A iphone 6s for my long haul flight which isnt that powerful so i run it around low-medium and an honor view 20 which runs the simulator perfectly on max settings but is my main device.

However when i export the replay on the iphone and try to open it on my main device, which is an android, to take some 4k screenshots nothing happens. I get some options on which app to use to open it like video player etc… but infinite flight isnt there.

I did find another support thread whihc had the same issue but the OP simply said “ive figured it out” and the thread was subsequently closed. Does anyone know how to open it?

This is what i get when i click on it:

Ps: If i click on Other It will give me some apps to chose from but infinite flight isnt there. And if i click on Apps It will try to install the file like an apk.

Try long pressing the file and select share. Then You may see “open in infinite flight”



I love you but you got to address that in the tutorial thread.


Thanks. The hard part with Android is that there are so many different models that not all are the same. I will update the thread soon.


Round of an Applause for that being @Chris_S 100 solution!

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claps animatedly Thank you, Chris, that helped me too. I was just about to create a post on this very subject. :)

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