How do you have notifications for a FNF?

Hello everybody! I am wondering, I get a notification when a #announcements topic is made, I know how to customize these, but how to I make a notification on FNF not #live:events just FNF? I do not see a way to do it, can you guys tell me?

As far as I know, you cannot enable notifications for a topic that has yet to be posted. The solution for this would be to enable notifications for the entire category or allowing notifications for the #fnf sub-category (I believe that’s an option).

Because there’s anotehee category for fund you should be able to do it?

hmm, that does make sense

There actually is :)

You can go to the category #fnf (this link takes you directly there) and via the bell symbol change the status to „Watching first post“:

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Ok go to the fnf category


And there’s a bell click that bell for notifications

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oh! Thanks! I wanted to know that to lol


Thanks everybody (can be closed now)

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