How Do You Guys Think Brexit Will Change Flight Travel In Europe?

I personally think that Brexit would cause some airlines to change their routes (E.G British Airways would start limiting routes to EU countries) and I think that ticket prices would go up

I don’t care :-)


To early to tell yet as we haven’t actually started Article 50 so until then everything is the same, remember other people in the EU also want to come here with daily flights form other airlines from other EU countries so I doubt it would be to harsh of a deal as it will also effect their own airlines

Also, when UK leaves, Scotland, most likely, will throw up a refferendum to leave UK. Most likely Scotland will become independant, because at 2014’s referendum for Scotland independence lost, because most people wanted to stay in EU. People could fly to Scotland (if England’s plane ticket price goes up) and go to England either by plane, because it would cost less, or arrive there elseway.

Also David Cameron (The Prime Minister of England and I think UK) said, that they will try and maintain everything the same.

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Scotland literally can’t afford to leave the union, the national income of Scotland, low oil price and weaker £ sterling combined with them taking a fair portion of the UK national debt would leave them a borderline third world country financially. They would not pass the entrance tests to join the Euro.

Hence although the SNP can continue their mad calls for independence, I doubt there will be a referendum granted by Westminster for at least a decade until things settle. Unless we deliberately want to bankrupt them.

Aviation wise, keep an eye on Norweigan. Their CEO was crystal clear that if Easyjet and Ryanair start pulling significant numbers of routes, they are planning to swoop in and fill the gap.

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But The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is negotiating with EU, how could they join the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “If we have to become independant to stay in EU, we will have a refferendum for independence. I want better for our people.”. I might of changed the qoute but still.

I don’t really went into the side effects but I would reslly like Scotland soveirgn and/or in the EU but people have their own opinions for these events.

Nicola Sturgeon said a lot of things like Scotland will be part of the EU she tried to negotiate with EU officials and they told her it doesn’t work like that it will take a while before they could do that and I don’t think Scotland can afford to lay the EU bills anyway we just about could gets alone Scotland

Well, yes, I agree that she said a lot of things and she qouted Cameron at the parlament, questions for the first minister. And her party cuts away money for schools but she said that she wants to change taxes: “People that get more, should pay more taxes!!!”.

It’s annoying as we are ripped off, we pay so much in tax yet they don’t chase corporations for tax they let the off so I don’t agree that if you earn more you should pay more as its not fair until corporations pay what we do that system should never exist

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Northern Irish people will travel south to fly out of Dublin more often IMHO, subsequently causing airports such as Belfast Int., George Best and Derry to lose out.

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