How do you guys find flights for these smaller airlines?

With the numerous amounts of airlines in the world, I was wondering how do you guys find your flights for these. I have only ever flown US Airways, Continental and American Airlines. Do you guys expedia these airlines? I am asking because obviously they would offer cheaper flights compared to these bigger airlines.

I mean I have never heard of Primera Air until today…

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Possibly travel agencies etc.


Yeah most likely travel agencies. Although I personally avoid small airlines and stick with larger, well known ones.

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Haven’t used a travel agent in years.

Primera Air is a Scandinavian airline, my thinking is unless you planned to travel or are familiar with the region you would not know about the smaller airlines that operate there.

Just my .02

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You find those flights by actually needing to go to the places they serve by air. There are a lot of airlines that operate in the arctic regions of Canada, but most people only know about Air Canada and WestJet.

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