How do you guys choose you GA callsign

I normally smash my face into my keyboard and hope for the best I normally just go with the preset one that is already there. Or I will just type in some random numbers and letters.

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Mine is VH-AKR which is Australia’s registration then my initials.

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Actually I have two different callsign. But there is only one callsign that I often use is N16RZ. And also B-FRF is my callsign

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I use the call sign of my first flight (N-83AF) for everything, others may not have had their first flight, so something else memorable works.

Mine is G-FLAC - you may see me alot on the Expert server.

Well in the UK, all aircraft registrations start with G
Then after that there are 4 more letter.
I have chosen FLAC, because its the 1st 4 letters of my surname: FLACK.

The G could also stand for George 😂😂

So, thats why i have G-FLAC as my callsign/registration.
Similars to Misha’s, whos is G-MISH

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Here’s about a few hundred suggestions.

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@Nate_Schneller that database link doesnt exist anymore

My commercial callsign is the same one as my GA callsign. What I did was incredibly simple, I took my IFC username which is also my YouTube channels name (hint hint 😉) and I removed the two Es so it went from Avgeek Productions to AVGKPRO. It’s not very creative but I like it.

I mean mines not that creative but GENIUS works.

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I meant the matrix itself, Not the VARB database.

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Just take a hobby or interest of yours and think of sayings for it :)

Mines always the same NBSYT 😎

Here’s what I did, maybe it’ll help you out.


J: June for the month I was born
R: Raleigh, where I live
A: My first name, Anuj
007: Favorite movie, James Bond.

Suggestion @MrMrMan: PPLFIXR or PRSNFIXR (peoplefixer / personfixer) Doesn’t look bad IMO

That could be cool, haha! Thanks :)

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I normally use N263ND which is the PA-28 that I fly but you can choose whatever you want or just have it randomly chosen for you.

What I did is do my name HadenJ. H145NJ


Obviously my IRL name isn’t Yacht, but I have used Yacht, Yachtopia, Moist for usernames over the years.

I just take the callsign on the airplane and use that one…

Is rogue 1 taken? I love that callsign!