How do you guys choose you GA callsign

So i am having toruble on making a callsign for when i fly GA, can someone give me ideas on how they made theres?

I just do VH (Australian Registation) as I only do GA flights in Australia. Use N if you’re doing flights in the US, then I pick some random letters.


Im just wondering how people have such creative callsigns like why cant i think of one

Can you name a notable creative GA callsign? I’m not sure what you mean by that.

like ROUGE1, i have seen and know who that is, RAPTOR1, which is Nate’s and stuff like that

You type it in the GA section

Ah, I see. In that case, just think of something that means a lot to you. Like @schyllberg (whose Callsign is ROUGE1) loves Star Wars.

im not that creative like evedyone else!

I don’t know how came up… my callsign: PAN-TH3R is just pretty much my username and a 3 to make the e look cool haha. You could just use a word and use numbers


It’s not necessarily about creativity, it’s just about something that means a lot to you. Let’s say, for example you absolutely love cars. You could have something like FST-CAR or SPD-RACR

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i mean i like star wars too but i dont want to copy someone elses idea

I usually use N668CS as it is the plane I’m using for flight training :D instead of making one up you can also use personal factors.



god your creative! thank you sir


While we’re here, I may as well ask too.

My GA callsign, and the callsign I use when I’m doing any but a VA flight, is N428LA. It was given to me by the game many-a year ago, and quite honestly, I’m bored of it.

Interests of mine are surgery, because I want to become a surgeon, animals (I have 2 dogs), and flying (duh 😂). I’ll just leave those three for now.

Any ideas?
Thanks a ton!

LKASRGN, CTN4 maybe?

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N prefix because I’m from the US
21 because the first plane I flew commercially was an ASK-21
TH are my initials!

Add them up and you get N21TH


Yea I just think of what’s memorable and it’s my full name TTA and then my favorite airline Delta then favorite number 7

Come with

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just use anything. i use N2992G
N my first name Nikhil
2992 my birthdate 29-9-92
G my last name Goenka.
so N2992G
just mix up something and you’ll come up with it. :)

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One I just came up for myself:

“N” - US of A
“004” - DiamondGaming4
“TX” - Texan

Put it all together…

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