How do you ghost?

Just curious. The option doesn’t come up on my screen when controlling. Is it only available in Expert Server?

Only available in expert yes. If you want to have that power you need to apply to become IFATC :)

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You can apply here if you want to join IFATC.

I was on approach to SFO yesterday, and I accidentally descended to the wrong altitude. The controller said “XXXX, please follow instructions or you will be ghosted.” What’s up with that?

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The command was changed to that even on the training server but they can’t ghost on TS.

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That’s the problem, you descended to the wrong altitude.

Next time read the message thoroughly and i’m sure these mistakes will no longer happen. These happens to the best of us.

As mentioned, ‘please follow instructions’ was changed to ‘follow instructions or you will be ghosted’.
I personally find this wrong. It’s good to have this, on Expert only, to be used only in situations where the ATC is giving a last warning. I believe we need the original instruction back, but perhaps without the ‘please’. It can be strong, but not that strong.

And yes, while you do need to follow instructions on Training Server, you will not be ghosted for not following them. It’s a training server. On Expert, ATC’s have an extra menu option, which give this ‘extra level of power’ and thus also responsibility (which is more important than power).

Have fun on Training Server, and as @Clouds mentioned, read and follow instructions carefully.

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The change is effective though, for me atleast.

Yesterday at London City I forgot to change heading, heard the words Follow instructions of you will be ghosted, and dropped everything I was doing to correct the situation.


That part scared me…