How do you get Trust level 2?

Guys I need help!!!

I would like to host an event but I have to be trust level 2.
But im only trust level basic user.
So how do you get fast trust level im
My stats:
Events: 3
Read Postskripts over 500

I don’t know what to do pls help

Hey there!

Infinite Flight do not disclose trust level requirements for the IFC as they are different to the official discourse ones. The only way to get promoted it to keep liking, chatting and being a valuable member of the community!


Just keep being active by reading, liking, commenting and contributing in a positive manner overall and you’ll reach TL2 in no time!


Ok thanks!!

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Thanks your a big help for me!

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Just keep chatting and being active in the community! I just got level 2 a few days ago, after being active in the community for just under a month

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