How do you get to TL2?

i’ve been stuck at TL1 for almost a month, what can I do to become a member?
I think i’ve met all requirements, except this.
“Visit IFC for 15 days”. Can i check if this is a requirement?


The IFC requirements differ from the default Discourse ones. They are not disclosed to prevent TL farming.

Simple answer is to be active. Reading, posting, etc.


aight, thanks!

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Like @Altaria55 said, keeping reading, posting and being active on IFC. With great daily activity you can reach TL2 in a month or so.

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sure, thanks for the tip :)

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Took me a few days.

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ah i see, so i should just remain active, reply to topics, make new topics, give solutions, visit daily etc

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If you are active on the IFC you should reach it in no time 👍


wilco! i’ll try to remain active

@Altaria55 that must have been nice. It took me a month since I was new.

They will never say to stop TL farming and abuse of new accounts going straight to TL3


No longer possible here since promotion to TL3 from TL2 is now manual rather than an automatic thing.


Since we’re on this topic, I just wanted to remind users (mainly those trying to get to TL2/3) to post constructive replies instead of replies like “nice thread”. Such replies are unnecessary and just clog up the thread. When providing solutions, make sure you know what you’re doing and that your solution makes sense and doesn’t confuse the OP. I’ve seen TL1 users trying to get to TL2 post over 400 replies a week with most of the replies unnecessary.


for example, give solutions, constructive feedback etc?

Not really feedback but replies. When you reply, your reply shouldn’t just be two words which won’t help the thread at all.

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ah i get it

i just got promoted to TL2!


Congratulations! Enjoy your new features. I’d recommend using the advanced tutorial. It’s quite fun and interesting


Congrats. !

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thank you!!