How do you get Rick rolled by the 757?

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How do you do this


Using a custom fpl file with a custom waypoint name set to that lol


I think he used Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

What is the waypoint?

How do u see that in the plane? Is that only in replay mode that you can go inside the plane?

Let’s summon @sqeezelemon to discuss his wizardry

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No, during v20.2, drone cams were introduced. Check out your camera options in game.

Pretty sure you can’t do that anymore:(

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the drone cameras are broken idk what there even there for you can’t go inside the plane with them and they are hard to navigate. So how do we see this screen thing ?

I need this knowledge

What the how did you know that was going to happen

Well I use them just fine, so maybe you just need practice?

Make sure you’re using the, and this is VERY important - INTERNAL drone cam.

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I don’t think you can make it anymore, this was when beta was with us. You can ask @sqeezelemon (I’m still waiting for the tutorial mr Alexander)

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Oh boy I must possess this knowledge!

its impossible if they have a tutorial on how to get into the cabin to see that could u lmk

1: Go to IF
2: Go to a flight
3: Go to where the free cam is and pan up until you see “interior drone cam 1”
4: Go to the middle of the aircraft

It is super easy to do

You can’t.


how did u do that?!

It’s a file. You can download it but it doesn’t work @Ryan_boi

@sqeezelemon got this instead lmao

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