How do you get people to come?

How do you get people to come to your events? Like I made a event in the Caribbean and no one came! I was thinking of making a ATC event, but I am scared that no one will come. :(
Is it a popularity thing? Like if @Carson makes a event, a lot of people will come. Can someone help me out?

I think it’s a popularity thing. You should also think about making events that people will like


This was my last event.

I really don’t know about the outcome of events. It could be a factor of many things. (Time, description, region, etc) :/


The same thing happens to me when I do ATC sessions. One or two people may come, but I try not the complain

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Time and day play a part too. You need to open your even when a lot of people is awake and have time to play with IF.


If you want to make a popular event with a large outcome, try to make it interesting, open to most people’s schedule, fair length of time. Not to long, not too quick, free regions if at all possible, or at least most of the time, and also advertise it a bit. Just let people know there’s an event, as long as it doesn’t just pop up, completely changing a topic.


That would also include the day ;)


That’s also important.

Also, have at least 4 ATCs (ground and tower) in two fairly spaced airports, that control for at least an hour.
San Diego-Los Angeles, Miami-Tampa, Heathrow-Birmingham are good options to begin with.

Try making an event with London City as final destination.
Allow only the E-190, Dash 8 and A318. The steep approach should be interesting.

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Ask people to say that they come or not so you can see how many peopel are thear.

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Partly you have to post your event in the right category. If you post it under events rather than live and follow their guidelines then it will also get advertised on the loading screen of the app.

I also place the advert about 24 hrs before the event, advertise it with IFWP and IFFG on Facebook as well as ensure that it is not overlapping any other event!

I think it’s just luck. My guess is, don’t make the events you plan too precise - in this plane, in this airport, at this exact time, on this runway, doing this FPL etc. Leave them nice and open so people aren’t put off by having a strict system to stick to. Good question though!

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It’s just luck. I usually get between 5-10 pilots at my Skyliner Air events. But once just one guy came (to my event, not the VA).

Make it specific. Don’t just have ‘oh come fly with me to Tuesday’. Have a type of aircraft, specific livery/ies, route, reason and so forth.


That would put back some people too. Maybe they haven’t mastered an aircraft, they don’t like the livery, or want to make their own route. Not being very strict can also help.

  1. Plan before
  • They are up on the app longer so more people can join. The community flight is a great example.
  1. Server Selection
  • I suggest advanced, so that you can also get additional people (who copy the FPL and join)

Try and find a time where the most people would be able to turn up!

you have to understand when people are available. try to schedule during a time that would be most convenient. I created a topic that polled where people live to best aid in picking times for events, its a little rough but I am creating a new one